Up Range Exchange is owned and operated by Dan Ranker. Dan has been a Member of the Single Action Shooting Society for fourteen years and goes by the alias, Buckaroo Bubba, SASS #66861. Buckaroo Bubba is very involved with Cowboy Action Shooting in the Northeast Ohio region and is the President of the SASS Affiliated Club, The Tusco Long Riders located in Midvale, Ohio. He has served as Club President for the last seven years. In 2016, Bubba was awarded with the high honor of being named as a SASS Regulator for his efforts and dedication to the Tusco Long Riders, SASS, and the sport of Cowboy Action Shooting. Bubba also serves as a SASS Territorial Governor for the Brown Township Regulators located in Malvern, Ohio and is a proud member of the Jedi Gunfighters! Dan started this business with the encouragement from his wife, Kelly. The need for more clothing options in our sport has become evident over the last few years. This opportunity to be deeper involved within the sport he is passionate about and to be able to show his two kids, Ava and Beau, where hard work and dedication will take you is priceless.


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